Productive Process

Productive Process

New Factor production is equipped with avanguarde structures and machineries.

Grading, salting and roasting facility with Proctor tunnel oven for pistachios, almonds, in shell peanuts and pumpkinseeds, with production capacity of 3,000 kg/hour.
Cleaning, grading, salting and roasting facility with Sheffield rotative ovens for pumpkinseeds.
Bleaching facility for peanuts, comprehensive of two SEA optical sorting machines.
Florigo oil roasting and salting facility with production capacity of 2,500 kg/hour for peanuts, cahews and almonds.
Raw goods sorting facility with optical – resonance - laser technology.

New Factor uses 13 packaging lines, with annual production of about 18 millions of packets (120,000 pieces per shift) in different packaging and format kinds:

2 under vacuum packaging lines for pillow bags and flat bottomed bags in double heat shrinking polietilene film.
A packaging line for tinplated cans in atmosphere for 150g to 500g tins.
6 vertical packaging lines for packs in modified atmosphere, in pillow and flat bottomed bags, with 4 sealed sides (stabilo pack) for double heat shrinked polietilene film packs for 35g to 1kg.
A vertical packaging line for big sizes in bags (for 5kg to 25kg);
2 under vacuum packaging lines for big sizes/industry in preformed bags or heat shrinking trays (for 4 to 20kg).
A vertical packaging line for clipped bags in atmosphere (2 and 5kg).

Quality and certifications

The quality of New Factor’s products is guaranteed by a careful selection of raw goods and by constant control during all process. From purchase to sales, New Factor puts quality first, using a modern and well equipped, in-house laboratory and, also, ad hoc external structures for more complex microbiological analysis.

Control Quality Lab makes each year more than 40,000 different kind of analysis to guarantee accurate check on:

raw goods: chemical-phisical analysis, product analysis, organoleptic analysis, microbiological and toxicological analysis (aflatoxine and heavy metals);
semi-processed: product and organoleptic analysis;
packaged goods: metrological analysis, atmosphere keep proof, labelling checks;

The control of products authenticity and quality guarantee has been premiated over the years by well-known certifications as:




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