To target the best producers of the best raw goods directly, at source, in order to offer the best products available in nature. To maintain untouched the delicious taste and healthy properties of our Mister Nut branded products, using non-invasive processing and preservation techniques, free from any preserving agent or colouring.

Food brings inside culture and history of the country where it comes from, and Mister Nut is the trade mark that takes you to discover the world, so varied and fascinating in its nuances. We know well our suppliers and, together with them, we choose the best place, the most suitable harvest period and the quality of the most nourishing nuts.

Last but not least, we create a food supply chain, an intelligent partnership system, observing nature and following its beauty; we believe in human work and in the interaction between past, future and natural surroundings.


Passion for excellence, reasearch of innovation and quality. Highest importance to team work and individual improvement.

Continuous monitoring of each supply chain phase, starting from the production, because food is a nature’s fruit and we have to start from nature to realize the best fruits.

The quality of our products is reached in the field; processing and trading can only try to maintain untouched the internal quality that nature has created. 
New Factor


To be recognized as the most innovative company in the nuts and natural snacks business, always on the lookout for new products that could bring to us the spirit of the culture of their faraway countries of origin. To pay attention to traditions, in order to discover the autentic taste of ancient flavours as nuts, brought as gift to King Salomon from Prophet Zachariah.

To develop food supply chain projects that are more strictly linked to origin countries, to maintain the control in every processing phase as fundamental condition in order to offer high quality and guaranteed products.

In this way our traditional product lines develop and improve thanks to the best innovations. Our lines have been created with particular focus to health and environment.


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